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Hi Dale

I don't have stata so I can be of only little help.

Since you do 'M-x Stata' I tried do to a 'c-h f Stata'. The only information  I got was:

Stata-mode is an alias for `STA-mode'.

(Stata-mode &optional PROC-NAME)

Major mode for editing Stata source.  See `ess-mode' for more help.


Checked and found that this is the only function starting with Stata (with capitol S).

When I did a 'c-h f stata' I got:

stata is an interactive Lisp function in `ess-sta-d.el'.

(stata &optional START-ARGS)

Call Stata.


So did you try a 'M-x stata' at all? And executing M-x Stata why did you not only change the mode of the current buffer instead of the error message? So do you have some additional settings in your .emacs that gives some unexpected behaviour? Have you tried starting emacs without any init files and then only load the ESS package? And then see how M-x stata behaves?

Yours sincerely / Med venlig hilsen

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I'm using ESS (installed via elpa) with Emacs 24.3.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.

M-x R  --> works fine

M-x Stata --> [no match]

I've installed Stata 14 in /usr/local/stata14 with a symbolic link from
/usr/local/stata (also added /usr/local/stata) to PATH

Any hints on what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks.  --Dale

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