[ESS] Questions on Section 3.3

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Tue May 19 00:39:40 CEST 2015

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 8:21 AM, Vitalie Spinu <spinuvit using gmail.com> wrote:
> You are not receiving the prompt from the process. What's R's prompt on
> the remote? It must end with "> ".


What do you mean by R's prompt? Of course, if I ssh onto the machine
and then start R by typing 'R', I get a normal R prompt "> ". But if I
use tramp, then I don't get anything...

> BTW. From the backtrace I see that the *R* buffer should have been
> created. Also go to to *ESS* buffer.

The *ESS* buffer shows what you describe below (556 lines of output
and then "(inferior-ess: waiting for process to start (before hook)").
Now if I switch to the *R* buffer, it shows:

env: R: No such file or directory
Process R exited abnormally with code 127 at Mon May 18 18:21:16 2015

Hmmm... this is how the relevant part of my ~/.emacs looks like:

(require 'ess-site); load ESS
(setq ess-use-inferior-program-name-in-buffer-name t); name the buffer
acccording to the particular version of R
(setq ess-eval-visibly-p nil); use R invisibly (much faster)
(setq inferior-R-args "--no-restore-history --no-save "); don't
save/restore the workspace
(setq ess-history-file nil); don't write any .Rhistory

;; Delete trailing whitespace when saving R script files
(add-hook 'ess-mode-hook
    (add-hook 'write-file-functions
      (lambda ()
    (setq ess-nuke-trailing-whitespace-p t)))

;; Nice C code indentation from Martin Maechler
(setq ess-default-style 'C++); standard R code indentation
(add-hook 'c-mode-hook
    (c-set-style "bsd")
    (add-hook 'local-write-file-hooks
      '(lambda() (ess-nuke-trailing-whitespace))) ))

Is the R process supposed to run locally but being associated to the
script on the remote machine or is the R process supposed to run on
the remote machine?


> Last portion should containing
> something along the following lines:
>    (R): ess-dialect=R, buf=*R:3*, start-arg=nil
>     current-prefix-arg=nil
>    (inf-ess 1): lang=S, dialect=R, tmp-dialect=R, buf=*R:3*
>    (inf-ess 1.1): procname=R:4 temp-dialect=R, buf-name=*R:4*
>    (inf-ess 2.0) Method #3 start=/home/vspinu/Downloads/ buf=*R:4*
>    (ess-setq-vars-LOCAL): language=S, dialect=R, buf=nil, comint..echoes=t, comint..sender=comint-simple-send
>    (inf-ess 2.1): ess-language=S, ess-dialect=R buf=*R:4*
>    (ess-setq-vars-LOCAL): language=S, dialect=R, buf=nil, comint..echoes=t, comint..sender=inferior-ess-input-sender
>    (i-ess 1): buf=*R:4*, lang=S, comint..echo=nil, comint..sender=inferior-ess-input-sender,
>    (i-ess end): buf=*R:4*, lang=S, comint..echo=nil, comint..sender=inferior-ess-input-sender,
>    (inf-ess 3.0): prog=R, start-args=--no-readline --no-save , echoes=nil
>    Making Process...Buf *R:4*, :Proc R:4, :Prog R
>     :Args= --no-readline --no-save
>    Start File=nil
>    (inferior-ess: waiting for process to start (before hook)
>    (inferior-ess 3): waiting for process after hookload-ESSR cmd:
>    local({
>                          source('/home/vspinu/VC/ESS/etc/ESSR/R/.load.R', local=TRUE) #define load.ESSR
>                          load.ESSR('/home/vspinu/VC/ESS/etc/ESSR/R')})
>    (R): inferior-ess-language-start=options(STERM='iESS', str.dendrogram.last="'", editor='emacsclient', show.error.locations=TRUE)
> In your case it's stuck on the first line that says "waiting for
> process...".
>   Vitalie

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