[ESS] remote R

Andreas Leha andreas.leha at med.uni-goettingen.de
Fri Mar 6 10:27:12 CET 2015


I have two questions about connecting to a remote R session.

(1) What is the state of connecting to a remote R session running in

(a) control characters in tmux (due to colours?)

I tried
| M-x term
| ssh remotemachine
| tmux
| R
| C-c M-x ess-remote

This sort of works, but leads to output like this:

| > [1;40r
| [1;39r
| > [1;40r
| [1;39r
| > [1;40r
| [0] 0:nios*                                                                                             "farm3-head1" 09:07 06-Mar-15
| [0] 0:nios*                                                                                             "farm3-head1" 09:08 06-Mar-15
| [1;39r
| > [1;40r
| [1;39r
| > [1;40r1+1
| [1;39r1+1
| [1] 2
| > [1;40r
| [0] 0:nios*                                                                                             "farm3-head1" 09:09 06-Mar-15library("plyr")
| [1;39rlibrary("plyr")
| [1;40r[1;39r> [1;40r

I guess this is due to my setup somewhere, but before I start digging:
Is that something that I can get rid off by changing settings on my end?
Is anyone using ess/remote/tmux/R successfully?

(b) large regions

The whole thing works better if I use screen instead of tmux.  But there
I have issues when submitting larger regions, where R would suddenly
complains about 'unexpected symbol' while it accepts the code when I send
in smaller chunks.

Is there a solution to that?  (Other than the work around of not sending
large regions....)

(2) Different R version remote

As I understand it, the 'preferred' way to start remote R is to

| open a remote file using tramp
| M-x R

But then, how do I start R-devel, e.g., on the remote machine?


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