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Laurent Gatto |g390 @end|ng |rom c@m@@c@uk
Fri Apr 10 17:56:59 CEST 2015

I used it in the past and got a bit annoyed to the default settings. I
just gave it another try and a bit more time to learn how customise it;
see below.

On  7 April 2015 17:35, Charles C. Berry wrote:

> On Mon, 6 Apr 2015, Stephen Eglen wrote:
>> Anyone been using lintr package for lint-checking of R code?  Its now
>> integrated into flycheck:
>> https://github.com/jimhester/lintr
>> http://www.flycheck.org/2015/04/06/flycheck-0.23.html
>> I've not tried it out yet - has anyone?
> I have used the emacs flycheck part on ESS R buffers.
> And it seemed to work as advertised. No hangs or crashes that I recall. 
> I've mostly used it on smallish ESS *.R buffers. I recall longer buffers 
> took a while to check, but IIRC this was not an issue - I could navigate 
> elsewhere to work.
> However, I unplugged flycheck recently.
> The out-of-the-box settings in lintr were not pleasing to me.
> See the screenshots on the lintr page above for some examples of what the 
> settings are.
> Maybe when I get some time I'll revise them more to my liking and plug it 
> back in.
> I did not notice where/whether customizations are/can be done.
> Does anyone have a pointer to easy customization of lintr?

The available linters are listed in README.md. To update the line
length, one would

'M-x customize-option' -> 'flycheck-lintr-linters' and set

To get rid of the trailing blank lines info

'M-x customize-option' -> 'flycheck-lintr-linters' and set

and, although not tested, both customisation would be set with

   with_defaults(trailing_blank_lines_linter=NULL, line_length_linter(120))

Note that I had to set flycheck-lintr-caching to nil (via M-x
customize-option) to get lintr to work.

This is with the latest lintr from github (currenlty version, flycheck 0.24snapshot (package 20150409.1217 from melpa)
and emacs 24.4.2.

Best wishes,


> Chuck
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