[ESS] Start 64bit R

Stephen Eglen S@J@Eg|en @end|ng |rom d@mtp@c@m@@c@uk
Mon Apr 6 19:38:50 CEST 2015

Thanks Kevin, got the attachment.

> distribution is plain old "disgruntlement".  I don't like the fact that 
> "R-newest" in ESS *means* 32-bit.

> I'd also like a more robust, long-term solution. I don't want the next 
> version of ESS to break my inelegantly hacked solution.   As for 
> long-term, my first home computer was an IBM 386SX -- running the 
> hand-coded-in-assembly version of Freemacs -- so I've gone through these 
> transitions before.  Presumably, at some point we'll start using 128-bit 
> instead of 64-bit.  And then I'll want the 128-bit version of R to be 
> the default.  And my code that searches for the string "64bit" won't 
> work.  And it's even possible that it will stop working in a new release 
> of R if they change how they designate the 32bit and 64bit versions.

Okay.  I think for now we'll stick with assuming 64bit is stored in the
string.  128bits may be here in a while, but until then I'll tacklet the
simpler problem of 64 vs 32!

For testing, can you access ESS via github (e.g. directly or via MELPA?)

Do you have multiple versions of R on your system for testing?


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