[ESS] process-send-string 500 char limitation

Tamas Papp tkpapp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 15:35:48 CEST 2015


Working on ESS/Julia interaction, I ran into a problem with sending
large chunks of code to the inferior Julia process using

Looking into the source and the docs for process-send-string (used by
ESS-SEND-STRING), I noticed that

  "If STRING is more than 500 characters long, it is sent in several
  bunches.  This may happen even for shorter strings."

Is there a way to overcome this limitation and send potentially large
strings as a single piece? I need this because I worked out a way to
annotate pieces of code so that they show file and line number info,
using Base.include_string in Julia, but this breaks with
PROCESS-SEND-STRING because Julia has no + prompt like R.

Alternatives like writing code into a file exist, but would give the
wrong file & line number info.



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