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Sam Steingold sds at gnu.org
Fri Sep 19 16:53:35 CEST 2014

> * Sebastien Vauban <fin-arjf-Q0jgNiE13UneT/vQbpsaJt at choyvp.tznar.bet> [2014-09-19 15:15:43 +0200]:
> I'm wondering whether there is a possibility to be able to jump to the
> definition of the function under point, like `f2' does in RStudio (to
> see the code of R functions such as `substring' or your own functions)?
> How do you do that?
> With a TAGS file?  How do you generate it for both your code and the
> R packages?

add to your Makefile:

ALL = list of all your R files
TAGS : $(addsuffix .R, $(ALL))
	$(R) --vanilla -e 'rtags(ofile="$@", recursive=TRUE, verbose=TRUE)'

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