[ESS] sing emacs on linux to run SAS 9.4 interactively - how to get the listing file to update interactively?

Slaughter, Mary Ellen mslaught at rand.org
Thu Sep 18 22:34:18 CEST 2014

Hi - I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem and how they have fixed it. I use emacs on various linux servers to work with SAS. When I work interactively (which is most of the time), anytime I run something that generates results, it automatically appends this to the default listing file ( *SAS.lst* ) that is generated when starting SAS by M-x SAS.  Since switching to SAS 9.4, the listing file doesn’t appear to be created automatically or if it does it’s not going to *SAS.lst* and I’m not sure if this is because 9.4 doesn’t create the listing file by default or if there is some other reason. To get around this, I can use proc printto but that doesn’t update interactively in emacs. I have to close and reopen the listing file each time I run anything with output to see the appended results. Does anyone out there know how to fix this?

Mary E. Slaughter
slaughter at rand.org
Statistical Project Associate
RAND Corporation


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