[ESS] Unicode with ESS on Windows

Kevin Wright kw.stat at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 22:27:37 CEST 2014

For reference, see the first example on this page:

I've simplified the example down to this: (Contains a unicode 'fi' ligature
that may or may not come through in this email).

text(x =.5, y = .5, labels = "fi")

When I open R (not inside Emacs) and past this code, the windows() graphics
device displays the "fi" ligature.

When I copy this code into an Emacs buffer, I can _see_ the ligature (my
font is Dina, if it matters), but sending it to inferior R causes the
resulting graphics window to contain two weird characters instead of the
ligature.  Even though the iESS buffer also shows the ligature.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Side note.  I have unicode text in Excel.  I am struggling _mightily_ to
create pdf reports from this data.  R package openxlsx seems to do best at
reading the .xlsx file.  I've also tried XLConnect and xlsx.  Sometimes the
data shows correct unicode characters inside Emacs, usually NOT in
stand-alone R GUI (using Consolas font).  The pdf() device does not embed
fonts, so I'm trying cairo_pdf(), but it is crashing.  Now trying Cairo
package.  Major headaches...

Kevin Wright

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