[ESS] R in Cygwin Emacs

Sparapani, Rodney rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu Sep 4 18:01:27 CEST 2014

> ... we say that ESS is not supported (anymore) on Cygwin Emacs.
> I can hear that last sentence, if that's so. I was simply reporting
> problems here because I was thinking that supporting R on Cygwin Emacs
> was heartily welcomed.
> If I now am aware that it's a dead end, OK, I'll move back to a pure
> Windows solution, then.
> Best regards,
>   Seb

Hi Seb:

Well, Cygwin was a nice solution.  But, I think there are better
options today.  You can try, but I don't think there will be ESS
support out-of-the-box or otherwise.  But, it's even worse than that!
As I alluded to, since the configuration files can be blown away when
you switch users, ESS support on Windows 7/8 is already in serious
trouble.  Great care needs to be taken.  As I recall, you need to
install EVERYTHING outside of the Program Files hierarchy.  But, I
could be wrong.  I was so frustrated that I haven't been keeping up
with it.


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