[ESS] Emacs 24.4 Modified for Windows

Vincent Goulet vincent.goulet at me.com
Sun Nov 16 18:27:24 CET 2014

The Windows version of my distribution of GNU Emacs 24.4 is finally out:


The long delay (close to a month) is due to the time it took GNU to release official Windows binaries. ANd then a few more hours to adapt my build scripts to the new Emacs directory structure...

The distribution still includes ESS 14.09. Otherwise, from the NEWS file:

Version 24.4-modified-1 (16 November 2014)


o GNU Emacs 24.4 released October 20, 2014.

o org 8.2.10


o The icon provided in the program group to edit the site
  configuration file has been deleted. It no longer served any good
  purpose now that ESS is able to locate all (sensibly located)
  versions of R on the system.

o The directory structure in the Emacs installation directory changed
  significantly upstream. Most files are now located in the
  ...\share\emacs directory.

o Due to difficulty building the Org manuals on Windows, the PDF
  manual has been replaced in the distribution by the HTML version.

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