[ESS] could not find function .ess.help

Steve Nunez snunez at hortonworks.com
Tue Nov 4 18:11:37 CET 2014

Hello all,

I¹ve got a brand new installation of Emacs 24.4 on MacOS 10.9.4, along with
ESS 14.09 downloaded today. When trying to invoke any of the help function
for R I get the error in the subject line. Looking at the ESS buffer I see:

> (ess-help '*help[R](mean)*' start  ..
>  |--> t [searching nil]
> (ess-help: kill bogus buffer *help[R](mean)* ..

It seems like this has been occurring on and off for a while now. I see
messages related to the topic appearing about a year ago, but I haven¹t seen
any real cause identified. Anyone got any ideas?

- Steve

P.S. In the Emacs 23 and ESS 13 installation I had previously this was all
working fine. Now I wish I had saved that set-up before upgrading. Lesson

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