[ESS] FYI: ESS SVN retired: all development now on GitHub

Chris Evans chrishold at psyctc.org
Mon Nov 3 08:49:18 CET 2014

Aha, now I understood completely.  Hm, that's an exaggeration, now I understand well enough for my needs and I've learned a lot that's interesting about CVS systems and I have my system that gives me the latest as well as the old Debian versions.

Many thanks to both Vitalie and Martin and best wishes to all,


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> From: "Vitalie Spinu" <spinuvit at gmail.com>
> To: "Chris Evans" <chrishold at psyctc.org>
> Sent: Sunday, 2 November, 2014 8:54:07 PM
> Subject: Re: [ESS] FYI: ESS SVN retired: all development now on GitHub
> >>> Chris Evans on Sun, 2 Nov 2014 19:48:43 +0000 wrote:
>  > 1) is there a git equivalent of svn's "svnversion ."?  I liked using
>  > that to get the version before doing the clone (now the pull) and
>  > piping the answer to my Email to myself: made it easy to see the
>  > history from the first lines of those Emails.
> Git is non-linear VC and you don't get version numbers. Instead you get
> commit hashes. You can use `git show` to view the latest commit.
> Otherwise
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12475157/git-equivalent-of-svnversion
>  > 2) the make output now seems to generate a lot of warnings but I'm
>  > guessing that's stuff above my head that I'm OK to ignore and
>  > reflects the cutting/bleeding edge nature of the github version?
> That was the case on SVN as well.
>  > 3) alt-x ess-version now gets me "14.1x [<unknown>]" where I was
>  > getting a number (6048?) instead of "[<unknown>]" previously. Another
>  > thing I think I can safely ignore but interested to hear if that's
>  > transient or a feature?
> You are using make install and that makes git hash unavailable. Makeinfo
> should be tweaked a bit. If you would keep it in the same location you
> would get something like:
>   14.1x [git: 40c617acd08446d01ac943f7216d107a3cf3c9c8] (loaded from
>   /path/to/ESS/)
> BTW, 14.1x is awkward. We need a way to put a proper version there even
> for folks that load directly from sourse.
>   Vitalie

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