[ESS] Polymode is on MELPA

Grant Rettke gcr at wisdomandwonder.com
Tue May 13 16:12:01 CEST 2014

Thank you!

For folks new to polymode like myself, but coming form org-mode and
literate programming, may you please comment on some of the key
differences and philosophies behind polymode?
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On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 9:00 PM, Vitalie Spinu <spinuvit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Polymomde [1] is finally on MELPA. The initialization slightly
> changed. If you have used polymode before, please check out the
> instructions.
> Most important recent user visible change is the addition of integrated
> weavers and exporters. There are 4 keys to remember M-n w and M-n e for
> weaving and exporting, and M-n W and M-n E to set the current weaver and
> exporter for the current buffer. Exporters will also weave the file when
> needed.
> Each polymode can be associated with multiple weavers and exporters but
> only one at them is active at a time. I hope this user pattern will work
> well. Currently, there are 4 R-related weavers (knitR, knitR-ESS,
> Sweave, Sweave-ESS) and 2 exporters (latexmk and pandoc).
> There is not yet much documentation on how to build your own polymodes,
> weavers and exporters, but it's on the way.
> There are plenty of things still to be done. Mostly, tweaks of all sorts
> related to buffer management, indentation and font-lock. But, I don't
> envisage new major features in the foreseeable future.
> Best,
>    Vitalie
>  [1] https://github.com/vitoshka/polymode
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