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Wed Mar 12 02:49:17 CET 2014

Dear Vitalie,

Le 03/11/2014 06:14 PM, Vitalie Spinu a écrit :
> Hi Everyone,
> The tabs/buffer ring repetition can probably be easily solved by giving
> indirect buffers "invisible" names that start with a space.

Is that something that can be solved from the user perspective? (i.e. some 
magic setting in .emacs or other config files)

Don't worry too much about the development of polymode: As Chris said, it's 
already great to have it there, and it's functional! Of course, there is 
always room for improvement, and it's good to know that you're keeping 
track of user bugs/feature requests.

Once again, thanks for your work!

> I didn't
> bother with that so far because polymode is still in development (quite
> frustratingly). The font change problem I don't quite follow. Aren't all
> buffers suppose to use the same default font? Chris, could you please
> post two screen-shots, so we can see the difference? If possible as a
> new issue on github. Thanks.
> There might be some fortification changes that come from overlays that
> some modes use, like flyspell. Flyspell is taken care of in polymode,
> there might be other minor modes that would need special
> attention. Another problematic mode is "linum" which uses overlays for
> each line in the buffer and cause noticeable slowdown.
> I have been planning to come back to polymode for over a month now, but
> it didn't happen as I am stuck over my head with one of the work related
> projects. It completely eats even my weekends right now.
> There are many more things to implement in polymode, most notably to add
> weaving/exporting backends like sweave/knitr/pandoc/org-mode. I am
> tracking all the discussions on this list and noting down all the
> ideas. So please keep proposing/complaining either here or on github
> development page. All of them will be eventually taken care of.
>     Vitalie
>   >>> Tyler Smith on Tue, 11 Mar 2014 16:23:13 -0400 wrote:
>   >> Le 03/11/2014 02:51 PM, Warth, Christopher S a écrit :
>   >>> More annoying is a jarring visual shift when I move the cursor from
>   >> one
>   >>> region to another - from markdown into an R region or vice versa.  It
>   >>> looks like different font faces are set in the two modes and the
>   >> switch is
>   >>> quite evident when the buffers swap.  This is an example of the
>   >> larger
>   >>> visual shifts that happen as I use a thumb wheel to scroll through
>   >> the
>   >>> buffer.  Not only is the font face changing as the cursor is forced
>   >> into
>   >>> different regions, but the tabs at the top do a distracting dance as
>   >>> different buffers become activated.  Maybe I can fix the font
>   >> swapping by
>   >>> judicious selection of major mode options?
>   > I had this 'problem' too. If you use different fonts for different modes,
>   > obviously the fonts in the buffer will change when you switch modes. Setting the
>   > options for each mode to match, or use defaults, will fix it.
>   > Tabs are another matter. I suspect many Emacs users have turned them off, and I
>   > don't know of another fix. The thought of having tabs for the dozen or so
>   > buffers I'm visiting at the moment is not appealing!
>   > Tyler
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