[ESS] polymode, tangentially related to ESS

Mathieu Basille basille.web at ase-research.org
Tue Mar 11 18:56:46 CET 2014

Le 03/11/2014 12:57 PM, chris warth a écrit :
> I'm asking a polymode question here because it is tangentially related
> to ESS, and there are lots of emacs experts here.   My question is
> sincere and might come off as criticism, but that is not how it is
> meant.   I don't know what is possible in elisp so I'm asking the
> experts.
> I have been using vitoshka's polymode for editing R inside markdown
> documents.   The fact that it works at all is amazing, but it is not
> as fluid and seamless as one would want.

Answer from another Lisp newbie, but heavy user or Emacs + ESS + polymode 
on Rmd files: What exactly do you mean by "fluid and seamless"? I'm not 
sure exactly, but on my computer, it is really "fluid and seamless" (at 
least, that's how I would define it!).

Is there a particular issue, something that annoys you? Maybe in comparison 
to other editors (e.g. RStudio)?


> Is this the best that we can hope to do in Emacs?   Using indirect
> buffers is kind of genius in a twisted kind of way, but also has
> inherent problems.    Can we ever hope to have a true multi-mode
> editor experience in a single buffer in Emacs?
> - cwarth at fhcrc.org
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