[ESS] Integration of pandoc using polymode+knitr

Mathieu Basille basille.web at ase-research.org
Tue Mar 11 02:59:19 CET 2014

Le 03/10/2014 09:16 PM, Ed Kademan a écrit :
> [...]
> When you define a function you need to include an argument list. Your code
> should probably start out looking something like this
> (defun ess-swv-pandoc ()
>     (interactive)
>    "Run Pandoc on the associated .md file."

Ah, that's perfect! Just what I was missing. Well, this shows how bad I am 
regarding Lisp! Thanks Ed!

Here is my working function, definitely not a clean approach, and totally 
dependent on my system, but it should get those people interested started, 
and it's working at least for me:

(defun ess-swv-pandoc ()
   "Run Pandoc on the associated .md file."
   (let* ((rmd-buf (current-buffer)))
       (let* ((sprocess (ess-get-process ess-current-process-name))
              (sbuffer (process-buffer sprocess))
              (md-filename (file-name-sans-extension (buffer-file-name)))
              (buf-coding (symbol-name buffer-file-coding-system))
	      (format "require(knitr); pandoc(\"%s.md\", format =
	      \"html\", config =
	(message "Running pandoc on %s.md" md-filename)
         (ess-execute pandoc-cmd 'buffer nil nil)
         (switch-to-buffer rmd-buf)
         (ess-show-buffer (buffer-name sbuffer) nil)))))
(define-key polymode-mode-map [(control f5)] 'ess-swv-pandoc)

Since I associated (f5) to 'ess-swv-weave, I can first weave the .Rmd file 
using knitr (f5) and then render as HTML the resulting file using the 
knitr::pandoc (C-f5). All Pandoc options are then tuned in 
/home/mathieu/.emacs.d/config/config.pandoc, see [1] for more details.

Now, this does exactly what I wanted, thanks a lot!

[1] http://yihui.name/knitr/demo/pandoc/


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