[ESS] "nothing explicitly assigned" in ess-devel

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 22:18:10 CET 2014

Yes, developer looks into the evaluated environment. It should detect
"m" and if "m" has been unchanged, re-assign it. This "feature" was
inspired by some internal R code in trace (I think). May be I should
drop it, it can get confusing.

If this description doesn't fit your problem than it is almost certainly
a bug.


 >>> Peter Meilstrup on Sat, 11 Jan 2014 01:11:04 -0800 wrote:

 > I have a problem somewhat similar to what Andreas posted. I have
 > definitions that look like

 > m <- macro(function(...) {
 >   body
 > })

 > where 'macro' is a wrapper that puts some special argument evaluation
 > around a function. Ess-devel is enabled and my package is added to the
 > active packages.

 > When I do C-c C-c, it picks up the beginning and end of the paragraph,
 > and asks me where to evaluate. I select my package to evaluate in,
 > then it goes and evaluates, then comes back with a message "***nothing
 > explicitly assigned ***". And 'm' is not changed.

 > I don't see how that makes any sense, because (if you were looking at
 > the results of evaluation) then you would see that 'm' was assigned.

 > Peter

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