[ESS] ESS Hangs: Text is read-only

Mathieu Basille basille.web at ase-research.org
Thu Apr 3 04:47:45 CEST 2014

Dear Vitalie,

Sorry for the mess. I was indeed using ESS from MELPA, exactly the version:

     Version: 20140304.2344

(which claims to be 13.09-2 in the variable 'ess-version')

I thought I was up to date, but I missed a few days (exactly 22 days). I 
now updated to the most recent one, i.e.:

     Version: 20140326.1435

and all links in the vignette buffer (Pdf, Rnw, R) now work as expected! 
This is really nice.

Now, as to .ess_vignetes introduced back in January, I can only say that it 
was not present in v. 20140304.2344 on my computer.


Le 04/02/2014 05:47 PM, Vitalie Spinu a écrit :
>   >>> Mathieu Basille on Wed, 02 Apr 2014 10:38:36 -0400 wrote:
> [...]
>   >> If so, then please check .ess_vignetes() function and see what goes
>   >> wrong.
>   > I don't have .ess_vignetes or .ess_vignette or .ess_vignettes in my R
>   > session. Don't seem to be present in my ESS installation either:
>   > grep -R ".ess_vignet" .
> Your ESS is outdated. .ess_vignetes was introduced back in januarry. So
> you are not using ESS-dev 13.09-2 as you have claimed, at least not the
> most recent version.
> If you guys report bugs that we cannot reproduce immediately, please
> make sure you use the latest dev.
>     Vitalie

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