[ESS] ESS does not find Rterm.exe on Windows

Wolfgang Ramos ramos at psychologie.uni-kiel.de
Fri May 31 17:15:32 CEST 2013


I installed R in a directory called "X:\alphaAndOmega\R\R". So Rterm.exe
(32-Bit version) is located in "X:\alphaAndOmega\R\R\bin\i386". I know that
it's not a 'standard R-directory' and that "standard R-directories", like
R-3.0.0 are easily recognized by ESS (at least if I add them to my PATH
variable in Windows).

I tried customizing my .emacs file in a way, that ESS would look for
Rterm.exe in my non-standard directory, but I wasn't able to do so. I'm
absolutely new to emacs and i tried playing around wird some of the
following commands:


But I failed. ESS doesn't find anything.

I use emacs 24.3.1, ESS 13.05 and R 2.15. At the moment my .emacs file
contains just one line:

(require 'ess-site)

What can I do to make ESS find my Rterm.exe? I could really need some help...

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