[ESS] eldoc error: (wrong-type-argument hash-table-p nil)

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 10:29:48 CET 2013

Hi Adrin, 

  >> Adrin <adrin.jalali at gmail.com>
  >> on Tue, 26 Mar 2013 09:52:01 +0100 wrote:

  > Hi,
  > I'm using ess for emacs and R, and many times when I'm typing in an R file
  > (not the R process), I see the error "eldoc error: (wrong-type-argument
  > hash-table-p nil)" 

That hash table is initialized in ess-multi. This error can only mean
one of two things:
  - your local ESS files come from different versions of ESS. This could
    happen if you compile and then modify/replace some of the files. Or
    may be you have different versions of ESS and different files are
    loaded from different versions. Somehow this happens to people
    especially on Windows.

  - you are heavily overwriting the core ESS functions in your emacs
    setup particularly ess-multi or ess-function-arguments. 

A clean installation of ESS should help.


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