[ESS] debugging with ess-tracebug

Kevin Kunzmann kevinkunzmann at gmx.net
Tue Jun 25 21:35:39 CEST 2013


I wanted to unify my programming environments using emacs. ESS seems to 
work fine so far, only the tracebug debugging does not work properly 
yet. I followed the tutorial


The "M-c s" command does not work for me (and i could not find its 
definition) so I just sourced the code via C-c C-l directly. I get the 
error message, but when I try to trace it back R tells me 'beyond last 
Reference' and thats it. Googling for that massage only gives me the 
github source code, and i did not get that...

Help would be greatly appreciated,  as emacs/ESS is looking promising so 



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