[ESS] Running different flavor of R.

gerald.jean at dgag.ca gerald.jean at dgag.ca
Wed Jun 5 20:19:22 CEST 2013

Hello Vitalie,

thanks for your insights.  If you wanted to, you could download TERR from


but you would need to register on TIBCOmmunity first, I think!!!

But maybe it doesn't worth it, I was going to check claimed speed and
memory management against open source R and Revolution Analytics

Thanks anyway,

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Vitalie Spinu <spinuvit at gmail.com> a écrit sur 2013/06/05 13:34:25 :

>  >> gerald.jean at dgag.ca
> [...]
>  > Starts TERR no problem, but for some reason I can't get any "visible"
>  > output from TERR, I can't even quit it without killing the buffer, and
>  > process, it is running in???  Here is a sample session:
>  > WARNING: unknown option '--no-readline'. Try -h for help.
> [...]
>  > Could the "WARNING" at the start of the session have something to do
>  > it???
> Most likely. I guess they started by removing things that they think are
> useless, a pretty bad start. Try to figure out if there is a differently
> named option that does the same thing. Or may be a differently named
> executable.
> There is no way to download this beast from their website, so I guess
> it is unlikely to be supported by ESS.
>     Vitalie

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