[ESS] can I make ess to recognise ~/.bashrc

Jannis bt_jannis at yahoo.de
Thu Jul 25 16:37:11 CEST 2013

Thanks, Vitalie, for your suggestions. I get this message now when I 
open a *.R file via tramp on the remote computer and run M-x R+ Return:

R+: `let' bindings can have only one value-form: if, (and 
buffer-file-name (file-remote-p buffer-file-name)), 
"usr/local/apps/R/R-2.15.1_ACML/bin/R", "/usr/bin/R"

In my .emacs i have the following:

(defun R+ ()
   (let ((inferior-R-program-name)
         (if (and buffer-file-name
                  (file-remote-p buffer-file-name))

What do I do wrong?


On 24.07.2013 11:30, Vitalie Spinu wrote:
> (defun R+ ()
>    (interactive)
>    (let ((inferior-R-program-name)
>          (if (and buffer-file-name
>                   (file-remote-p buffer-file-name))
>              "remote/path/R"
>            "local/path/R"))
>      (R)))

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