[ESS] ESS AUCTeX RefTeX Polymode Setup

Frank Harrell f.harrell at Vanderbilt.Edu
Mon Jul 22 17:17:54 CEST 2013

Thanks for the note Marc.   I can't see in my .emacs where I actually 
initiate ESS.  I see:

  '(ess-R-font-lock-keywords (quote ((ess-R-fl-keyword:modifiers . t) 
(ess-R-fl-keyword:fun-defs . t) (ess-R-fl-keyword:keywords . t) 
(ess-R-fl-keyword:assign-ops . t) (ess-R-fl-keyword:constants . t) 
(ess-fl-keyword:fun-calls . t) (ess-fl-keyword:numbers . t) 
(ess-fl-keyword:operators . t) (ess-fl-keyword:delimiters . t) 
(ess-fl-keyword:= . t) (ess-R-fl-keyword:F&T . t))))
(setq ess-ask-for-ess-directory nil)
(setq inferior-ess-same-window nil)
(setq ess-help-own-frame 'one)
(setq inferior-R-args "--no-restore --no-save")
(setq ess-default-style 'DEFAULT) ; site-start uses C++ which indents 4
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.s\\'" . R-mode))

which all occurs before the setq load-path polymode.

I second the thanks to Vitalie for developing polymode.  He is very 
actively working on it.


On 07/22/2013 10:07 AM, Marc Schwartz wrote:
> On Jul 20, 2013, at 7:48 AM, Frank Harrell <f.harrell at vanderbilt.edu> wrote:
>> I've put my setup hints in http://biostat.mc.vanderbilt.edu/EmacsEss along with a screenshot.
>> Frank
> Frank,
> Thanks for this.
> One quick note. Be sure to load polymode *after* ESS. I was confused in getting noweb mode rather than polymode and it finally dawned on me (after additional caffeine) that ESS was loading after polymode in my ~/.emacs, hence overriding it.
> Thanks to Vitalie for providing polymode.
> Regards,
> Marc Schwartz

Frank E Harrell Jr Professor and Chairman      School of Medicine
                    Department of Biostatistics Vanderbilt University

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