[ESS] Emacs/ESS is missing that feature

Andreas Leha andreas.leha at med.uni-goettingen.de
Fri Jul 12 07:58:52 CEST 2013

Hi all,

To complement this recent thread [fn:1] on the best features of
Emacs/ESS it might be of interest to ask for the features you miss most
in Emacs/ESS.  Maybe features that are present in other IDEs for R
coding.  In the best case, that feature is not missing at all and
somebody just needs to point to the solution.

I go first and list two obvious ones:
1. an internal graphics buffer
2. decent support to display large tables/data.frames (or .csv files)

In my experience the lack of these two features is the main obstacle in
'selling' Emacs/ESS to people using other IDEs, that support that.

Feel free to tell me, that I am wrong (especially at the second point).



[fn:1] http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.ess.general/7465

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