[ESS] Emacs/ESS better than Notepad++ because...

ottorino ottorino-luca.pantani at unifi.it
Mon Jul 8 15:11:06 CEST 2013

Hi all, 
may be I do not understand completely or entirely the meaning of this
thread, and I ignore completely what notepad++ is able to do.

So please excuse me if I'm writing the trivial and I'm off thread.

I would mention the ease of using Emacs in other environments. Latex is
the first coming to my mind.

Another thing worth the effort is rectangle copy/kill paste 
(C-x r k, and C-x r y)

As for ESS
I like C-c C-c to run only a paragraph, providing you have blank lines
before and after a piece of code, i.e. the very same command you use in
auctex to compile the latex source.

C-k C-y at the beginning of the line, (copy paste line)

The very same command you use in auctex to compile the latex source,

I agree on the "l" and on ediff. Can't work without them.

I would add C-s and C-r to search in the help buffer and M-\ to indent
the code.

and well .... customization, ça va sans dire ...


Il giorno lun, 01/07/2013 alle 11.09 -0500, Paul Johnson ha scritto:
> Here's how you can help me today. Add an item on my list below.
> I'm in a hostile audience of Windows programmers who cling to
> Notepad++/NPPTOR.  For my lecture "Emacs has no learning curve" (
> http://pj.freefaculty.org/guides/Rcourse/emacs-ess/emacs-ess.pdf) I want to
> update with some explicit examples of things I can do with Emacs/ESS that
> they can't do with Notepad++.
> So please add on to this list.
> "Emacs can do this, Notepad++ cannot."
> 1. Run R help page examples by hitting the letter "l".  Open the help pages
> in Emacs, NOT in the web browser. Scroll to the example, and run line by
> line by striking the "l" key.
> No matter how basic, please contribute. There are many things about Emacs
> with ESS that experts use that the rest of us never realize.
> My second favorite is "C-x C-e d" to edit the code of a loaded function.
> But I know many of you are uncomfortable with that one, so I won't push
> it..

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