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John Maindonald john.maindonald at anu.edu.au
Tue Jan 22 22:19:41 CET 2013

I've had this issue when in a directory that has an src
directory that came across from a machine where I had
a different username (johnm1, was john).  The old files in
the src subdirectory then have names like johnm.locatefun.R
where it should now be johnm1.locatefun.R.  There may be
some easy way to fix all the file names from within an ess
session -- if so I am eyes open!

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On 23/01/2013, at 7:05 AM, Marc Anderson <marcanders at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have using ESS 12.09-2 under GNU Emacs *24.2* for Windows to run R.
> According to the documentation of ess-function-template I should get my
> function template when editing new function but when I use C-c-C-e C-d I
> get an empty buffer. This is the definition of variable in Emacs:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ess-function-template is a variable defined in `ess-custom.el'.
> Its value is " <- function( )
> {
> }"
> Original value was
> " <- function( )\n{\n\n}\n"
> Documentation:
> If non-nil, function template used when editing nonexistent objects.
> The edit buffer will contain the object name in quotes, followed by
> this string. Point will be placed after the first parenthesis or
> bracket.
> You can customize this variable.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Do I need to add something to my .emacs to make this work? Thanks in
> advance.
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