[ESS] Telling ess where to look for R

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A bit off topic, but I think I can agree (even though I just used emacs for a week or two).
It's the same with R. I always complain to one of my colleagues (he is an R expert) that the 
help in R is crap. He says the R help is great, because it is written by experts for experts...

Am 22.01.2013 18:03, schrieb Thompson,Paul:
> This illustrates a problem or difficulty I have with emacs. You have a nice example of customization.
> Looking at the ess.pdf manual which I find installed as part of ESS V 12.09-1, installed via the V Goulet mod of emacs, I look at the TOC. I find that P. 93 discusses "Customizing ESS". It states to find customization you type M-x customize-group ret ess. I access a file which invokes ess (a SAS source) and do this, which brings up the various customize dialogs. I looked for R, and find it as a dialect of S.
> However I do not find the specific code ess-directory-containing-R in any place. How is a non-developer to find these variables?
> This is not your problem. This is a problem that I have with emacs generally. There are few good complete listings of variables. It's all passed word of mouth from one person to another.
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> On 01/22/2013 10:08 AM, Kevin R. Coombes wrote:
>> My .emacs file contains the following two lines:
>>       (setq ess-directory-containing-R "C:")
>>       (require 'ess-site)
>> This works to find versions of R stored in C:\R\R-2.15.1, etc.  On my
>> machine, it does NOT work if you interchange the order of the two lines.
>> After the ess-site code is loaded, something has already been set that
>> does not get changed when you set the ess-directory-containing-R variable.
>>     -- Kevin
> That's correct; and that's how I usually set ESS variables myself.
> But, since there are almost always options when dealing with emacs, you can also use the customize facility to set 'ess-directory-containing-R.  The down side of customize is that some ESS variables can not be customized.
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