[ESS] windows-1252 autoload

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 15:08:27 CET 2013

Hi Daniel, 

You haven't told us what is your problem precisely and how it relates to

Are you characters unrecognized in emacs buffer or while sending it to R
sub process? Also are you sure your problem is in R-mode, or it is the
inferior-ess-mode (aka *R* process).

>From your post I infer that it is the latest. I don't see
buffer-process-coding-system on my emacs 24.91.

Have a look at default-process-coding-system. Setting it to
'(windows-1252 . windows-1252) or similar, might help.

Otherwise you can always use hooks to set necessary variables.
   (add-hook 'R-mode-hook 'my-R-options)
   (defun ess-options()
     (column-number-mode t)
     (line-number-mode t)
     .... your stuff here ...

And for *R* buffer:

    (add-hook 'ess-R-post-run-hook 'my-R-inf-options)

You got the point, 



  >> "Hotmail" <givehimpraise at hotmail.com>
  >> on Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:29:28 +0100 wrote:

  > Hi! 

  > I have a question regarding encoding using ESS 12.09-2
  > and R x64 2.15.2 in a windows 7 environment and with 
  > Swedish characters like ¥,¤ and ¶.

  > My system locale is windows-1252 while the default for my
  > emacs installation is utf-8. Using emacs as editor I have to manually set the 
  > €˜buffer-process-coding-system€™ while in R-mode. Is there a way to load this 
  > setting automatically? I€™ve tried adding this line in €œess-site.el€:

  > (setq buffer-process-coding-system €˜windows-1252)

  > ... but it doesn€™t work.

  > Thankful for your help!

  > Daniel
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