[ESS] ESS Subversion (and RMarkdown)

Mathieu Basille basille at ase-research.org
Thu Feb 28 21:36:51 CET 2013

Dear ESS developers,

Do I understand it correctly that the support of RMarkdown is on its way to 
ESS 13.03? This is the impression I got from Vitalie here [1], but I'd like 
to make sure he was talking about support for RMarkdown.

As a matter of fact, I tried to check it myself, by installing the 
development version from Subversion. I followed the "official" instructions 
[2] -- at least I think... Note that I'm running Debian Wheezy (system 
information here [3]) and Emacs Snapshot from emacs.naquadah.org [4]. I 
first downloaded the Subversion ESS:

svn checkout https://svn.r-project.org/ESS/trunk .emacs-site/ess

Then checked it was up to date (but why wouldn't it be?):

cd .emacs-site/ess
svn update

And finally added the following to my .emacs (instead of the previous 
"(require 'ess-site)"):

(load "~/.emacs-site/ess-svn/lisp/ess-site.el")

But I'm now unable to load it. If I open a .R file for instance, I get the 
following error:

Loading /home/mathieu/.emacs-site/ess-svn/lisp/ess-site.el (source)...
Relative to ess-lisp-directory, one of the following must exist:
../etc/ess, ../etc, ../../etc/ess or ./etc
Loading /home/mathieu/.emacs-site/ess-svn/lisp/ess-site.el (source)...done

If I then check the version of ESS, I obtain:

ess-version is a variable defined in `ess-custom.el'.
Its value is "12.09-2"

... which seems to indicate that the development version was indeed not 
loaded. Is there anything I am missing? I tried to uninstall my current ESS 
version, and to add ".emacs-site/ess-svn/lisp/" into my load path, without 
more success...

Thank you very much in advance!

Mathieu Basille.

[1] https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/ess-help/2013-February/008595.html

[2] http://ess.r-project.org/Manual/ess.html#Latest-version

[3] System information:

$ cat /etc/issue
Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 \n \l

$ head /proc/version
Linux version 3.2.0-4-amd64 (debian-kernel at lists.debian.org) (gcc version 
4.6.3 (Debian 4.6.3-14) ) #1 SMP Debian 3.2.35-2

[4] GNU Emacs (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.4.2)
  of 2013-02-26 on dex, modified by Debian


~$ whoami
Mathieu Basille, PhD

~$ locate --details
University of Florida \\
Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center
(+1) 954-577-6314

~$ fortune
« Le tout est de tout dire, et je manque de mots
Et je manque de temps, et je manque d'audace. »
  -- Paul Éluard

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