[ESS] ?':::' hangs

Ross Boylan ross at biostat.ucsf.edu
Wed Dec 4 19:50:39 CET 2013

ESS from git as of yesterday + emacs 23.4 + R 2.15.1

simply hangs--spinning cursor
ctl-g stops the spinning but does not return to an R command prompt
ctl-c ctl-c interrupts and gets a command prompt.

returns to the command prompt immediately; the *Messages* buffer shows
Error: unexpected ':::' in "?:::"

help(':::') displays the appropriate help.

I've had a string of quirky, only semi-reproducible errors; maybe this
is another one.  I did restart emacs and the error  persisted (actually,
before that I also couldn't get any help at all--help is working
generally in the new session).

Ross Boylan

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