[ESS] Specifying locations of Rterm on Windows OS.

Josh O'Brien joshmobrien at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 06:08:55 CEST 2012

Hello again,

I just downloaded the newly released ESS 12.09, and tried out feature
referenced by Richard Heiberger, but can't seem to make it work for
me. (I have successfully set the variable using the customize
interface and directly using (setq ess-directory-containing-R "c:") on
the line preceding my (require 'ess-site). For some reason, though,
M-x R <tab> <tab> finds none of the versions of R stored in "C:/R/".

What's odd is that I had been able to make this work with the ESS
12.09 beta that I downloaded a day ago. In that case, I edited line
540 of ess-site.el to read:

      (defcustom ess-user-specified-directory-containing-R "c:" ;; rmh

and got just the behavior I was after.

Anybody have an idea what I might be doing wrong?



On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Richard M. Heiberger <rmh at temple.edu> wrote:
> Your timing is perfect.  The newest release of ESS 12.09, which probably
> will be released next week,
> will provide the solution.  ESS through the current release on Windows
> finds all versions of R stored in
> the default installation location "C:/Program Files/R/".  Since you have a
> different
> location, the versions are not found.
> Once 12.09 is out, you will add a new line to your .emacs file prior to
> starting ESS. The exact phrasing is still in flux.
> On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Josh O'Brien <joshmobrien at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am using ESS version 12.04-4 on a Windows XP box, with Vincent
>> Goulet's installation of GNU Emacs 23.3.
>> I keep multiple versions of R in "C:/R" (i.e."C:/R/R-2.14.2",
>> "C:/R/R-devel", etc), and would like to be able to select among them
>> by typing "M-x R <tab>". Based on the answer to this very similar
>> question
>> (https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/ess-help/2011-September/007137.html),
>> I know that the solution involves appropriately setting either the
>> ess-r-versions-created or ess-rterm-version-paths variables, but I am
>> having trouble figuring out how exactly I should set them.
>> I store my ess customizations in a file "~/.emacs.d/my-ess.el" that is
>> included in my "~/.emacs" by a call to (require 'my-ess). In both
>> ".emacs" and and "my-ess.el", both before and after the call to
>> "(require 'ess-site)", I have set ess-r-versions-created and
>> ess-rterm-version-paths like this (and many other permuations as well,
>> including using the customize interface):
>> (setq ess-r-versions-created "c:/R/R-2.14.2/bin/i386/Rterm.exe")
>> (setq ess-rterm-version-path(quote("c:/R/R-2.14.2/bin/i386/Rterm.exe"
>> "c:/R/R-devel/bin/i386/Rterm.exe")))
>> In no case, though, have I been able to get a version of R to appear
>> via tab completion after doing "M-x R". ("M-x R-newest" also fails to
>> find any version of R.)
>> My question is this: Am I setting those variables correctly, and if
>> so, where else might I look for the source of my problem?
>> Thanks,
>> Josh O'Brien
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