[ESS] Very confused: Mx-R now running whole script rather than starting R

Matthew Keller mckellercran at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 17:08:19 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I've been using R remotely on servers for years, but suddenly its
behavior has changed and I have no idea why. Can some kind soul out
there help me out?

What I typically do:

Using a terminal, login to server remotely using -X
ssh -XC myname at login.server.edu

Now open an R script in emacs:
emacs script.R &

Now from within that x-window, open a new window:
C-x 5 2

Now start R in that new window:
M-x R

The two windows are linked, and I run commands in the script.R window
and they are run in the R buffer.

However, now when I do "M-x R", R starts but begins running the entire
script.R, at which point I have to shut down R. In essence, I can no
longer use R in this way. I'm forced to cutting and pasting from an
emacs window into an R session running in terminal - horrible!!

Does anyone have any ideas of what might have changed? I don't have
much control over what they've installed on the server, and trying to
get a response from them can take a long time.



Matthew C Keller
Asst. Professor of Psychology
University of Colorado at Boulder

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