[ESS] disabling C-c h bound to ess-handy-commands

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 20:57:59 CEST 2012

  >> Stephen Eglen <S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk>
  >> on Sun, 07 Oct 2012 19:44:59 +0100 wrote:

  >> C-c C-<letter> is okay.
  >> C-c <letter> is reserved for users.

  > Sam's right; I think we should stay away from C-c LETTER; see the info
  > node below.

That means finding handy shortcuts for ess-handy-commands, ess-dev-map
and ess-set-style:

C-c .           ess-set-style
C-c `           ess-parse-errors
C-c d           ess-dev-map
C-c h           ess-handy-commands

If people have better ideas for those, I am completely fine, but it
looks like we don't have too many keys left. Most of which are taken by
rarely used eval commands:

C-c C-b         ess-eval-buffer
C-c C-c         ess-eval-region-or-function-or-paragraph-and-step
C-c C-d         ess-dump-object-into-edit-buffer
C-c C-f         ess-eval-function
C-c C-g         ess-R-object-tooltip
C-c TAB         ess-complete-object-name-deprecated
C-c C-j         ess-eval-line-or-region-in-place
C-c C-k         ess-force-buffer-current
C-c C-l         ess-load-file
C-c C-n         ess-eval-line-and-step
C-c C-p         ess-eval-paragraph-and-step
C-c C-q         ess-quit
C-c C-r         ess-eval-region
C-c C-s         ess-switch-process
C-c C-t         ess-execute-in-tb
C-c C-v         ess-display-help-on-object
C-c C-y         ess-switch-to-ESS
C-c C-z         ess-switch-to-end-of-ESS
C-c ESC         Prefix Command
C-c .           ess-set-style
C-c `           ess-parse-errors
C-c d           ess-dev-map
C-c h           ess-handy-commands
C-c <C-down>    ess-eval-buffer-from-here-to-end
C-c <C-up>      ess-eval-buffer-from-beg-to-here

C-c M-b         ess-eval-buffer-and-go
C-c M-f         ess-eval-function-and-go
C-c M-h         hs-toggle-hiding
C-c M-j         ess-eval-line-and-go
C-c M-p         ess-eval-paragraph-and-go
C-c M-r         ess-eval-region-and-go


  > Stephen

  > File: elisp,  Node: Key Binding Conventions,  Next: Programming Tips,  Prev: Coding Conventions,  Up: Tips

  > D.2 Key Binding Conventions
  > ===========================

  >    * Many special major modes, like Dired, Info, Compilation, and Occur,
  >      are designed to handle read-only text that contains "hyper-links".
  >      Such a major mode should redefine `mouse-2' and <RET> to follow
  >      the links.  It should also set up a `follow-link' condition, so
  >      that the link obeys `mouse-1-click-follows-link'.  *Note Clickable
  >      Text::.  *Note Buttons::, for an easy method of implementing such
  >      clickable links.

  >    * Don't define `C-c LETTER' as a key in Lisp programs.  Sequences
  >      consisting of `C-c' and a letter (either upper or lower case) are
  >      reserved for users; they are the *only* sequences reserved for
  >      users, so do not block them.

  >      Changing all the Emacs major modes to respect this convention was a
  >      lot of work; abandoning this convention would make that work go to
  >      waste, and inconvenience users.  Please comply with it.

  >    * Function keys <F5> through <F9> without modifier keys are also
  >      reserved for users to define.

  >    * Sequences consisting of `C-c' followed by a control character or a
  >      digit are reserved for major modes.

  >    * Sequences consisting of `C-c' followed by `{', `}', `<', `>', `:'
  >      or `;' are also reserved for major modes.

  >    * Sequences consisting of `C-c' followed by any other punctuation
  >      character are allocated for minor modes.  Using them in a major
  >      mode is not absolutely prohibited, but if you do that, the major
  >      mode binding may be shadowed from time to time by minor modes.

  >    * Don't bind `C-h' following any prefix character (including `C-c').
  >      If you don't bind `C-h', it is automatically available as a help
  >      character for listing the subcommands of the prefix character.

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