[ESS] Weird behaviour of assignment symbols with Emacs-24.1 (and ESS 12.04-4)

Vincent Goulet vincent.goulet at dgfc.ulaval.ca
Thu Jun 21 05:47:24 CEST 2012

Hi John,

Same setup as you. All I get is the assignment operator turns from color to black when the command line goes from active (the line the cursor is on) to inactive/history.

No problem in an R script.

Could it be... your colors?



Vincent Goulet
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Direction générale de la formation continue - DGFC

Le jeu. 14 juin à 08:33, John Maindonald a écrit :

> PS: I forgot to mention.  I am using MacOS 10.7.4
> I have just now installed Vincent Goulet's latest Emacs-24.1-modified-1.dmg
> for MacOS X, dated 11 June 2012.
> If I type
> a <- 2
> into my R session, the assignment symbol promptly changes to blank space.
> Once the command has been executed, the symbol reappears.  This behaviour
> happens whether the symbol is entered as <-, or by typing an underscore.
> If I open a .R script file, the assignment symbols likewise appear as blank space.
> If I copy relevant code e.g. into this email message, the assignment symbols
> magically reappear.  Thus, the issue seems to be one of displaying the symbol.
> Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? I am guessing that something in
> my .emacs file may be interacting with some feature of Emacs 24.1 to cause the
> problem.  Any suggestions on what I might check for?
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