[ESS] knitr

Brett Presnell presnell at stat.ufl.edu
Wed Jun 6 22:58:09 CEST 2012

A comment, for whatever it's worth.

I have a lot more experience with AUCTeX and ESS than with org-mode, but
org-mode has at least one feature that I think is a big improvement over
editing Rnw files with AUCTeX + ESS + noweb + whatever-else-is-involved.
Code "chunks" in org-mode (delimited by #+BEGIN_SRC and #+END_SRC) can
be edited in a separate emacs window by typing C-c '.  This window is
opened in the appropriate mode (ESS for R code) and saved back to the
document by typing C-c ' again.

I'm not sure where the implementation would have to take place for Rnw
or knitr files (ESS?  AUCTeX?  Both?), but something like this would
avoid mode switching between AUCTeX and ESS, which has never worked
properly for me (maybe because I find it incredibly cumbersome to avoid
all use of dollar signs in my R code).  This may seem like a minor
thing, but these mode switching problems often make editing Rnw files
into a fairly painful experience for me, and I do a lot of it.

Does no one else have this problem anymore?

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