[ESS] remoting ESS/R with tramp

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu Jan 12 19:09:18 CET 2012

Tom Roche wrote:
> summary: can/should one remotely run ESS on R using tramp? If so,
> please help with problem (see below) starting remote R process.
> details:
> I've started working with large netCDF datafiles which live on a linux
> cluster to which I have access, but not root. The cluster has an
> uplevel R and NetCDF libraries (and particularly has the prerequisites
> for R package=ncdf4) but downlevel emacs. By contrast, my linux laptop
> has uplevel emacs, but can't currently run ncdf4. Hence I'd prefer to
> run emacs and ESS on my laptop, and R and ncdf4 on the cluster.
> I note the ESS docs state
> http://ess.r-project.org/Manual/ess.html#ESS-processes-on-Remote-Computers
>> 3.3 ESS processes on Remote Computers
>> ESS works with processes on remote computers as easily as with
>> processes on the local machine. The recommended way to access [R] on
>> a remote computer is to start it from a telnet or ssh buffer and
>> then connect ESS to that buffer.
>> 1 Start a new telnet or ssh buffer and connect to the remote
>>   computer (e.g. use ‘M-x telnet’ or ‘M-x ssh’; ssh.el is available
>>   at
>>   ftp://ftp.splode.com/pub/users/friedman/emacs-lisp/ssh.el
> However IIRC ssh.el is quite old and has been long superceded by
> tramp: am I missing something? I also note

Hi Tom:

This may be no solace, but it just works for me out of the box.
The one exception is that graphics don't pop open, but I can
live with that.  So, I just remotely tramp a file.  Then, in
that buffer do a M-x R  For me, that opens a remote R session;
no ssh.el required.  C-c C-b submits my remote file to the remote
R.  ESS is amazing!


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