[ESS] ess patch: avoid (error "Invalid buffer")

Sam Steingold sds at gnu.org
Mon Feb 27 19:10:03 CET 2012

> * Vitalie Spinu <fcvahivg at tznvy.pbz> [2012-02-27 19:01:17 +0100]:
>>>>> Sam Steingold <sds at gnu.org>
>>>>> on Mon, 27 Feb 2012 12:24:54 -0500 wrote:
>   > Thanks.
>   > Here is another patch: all non-editing modes in emacs should inherit
>   > from special mode map:
> Ok,  I see the point. So that special modes behave similarly. 

yes. (note that special mode binds "z" to kill-this-buffer, so you might
want to consider removing your "k" binding)

> But this seems not to be the convention in xemacs, right?

IIRC, xemacs does not have set-keymap-parent, so my test for it should
be good.

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