[ESS] New key-binding

Riccardo Romoli ric.romoli at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 00:29:37 CET 2012

Hi, I would like to add a new key binding to ESS in my .emacs but  
without success. In particular I would like to define C-c M-k as eval- 
I'm not expert in lisp programming and I tried some code with no  
results. These are my trials:

(add-hook 'ess-mode-hook '(lambda ()
      (define-key ess-mode-map "\C-c \M-k" 'ess-eval-chunk-and-go)))
(add-hook 'ess-mode-hook '(lambda ()
   (global-set-key "\C-c \M-k" 'ess-eval-chunk-and-go)))
(define-key map "\C-c \M-k" 'ess-eval-chunk-and-go)

None of them gave the expected result. Where I wrong??


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