[ESS] public git mirror?

Yihui Xie xie at yihui.name
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I think it almost completely depends on whether the developers want
this project to be decentralized or not. If a small group of rigid
developers is preferred, it will be hard for us to convince ESS
developers to move over, no matter how many goodies there are on
GitHub. That being said, I still want to second Vitalie.

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>> It's actually a two-way path, we also don't have enough developers because
>> of the rigid development system. Git encourages and is all about branching.
>> On GitHub forking and pull requests are one click away.  Very decent bug
>> tracking system, network graphs [1], statistics and all their pro-social-and-
>> collaboration tools are making contribution painless and as frictionless as it
>> can possibly be.
>> GitHub is full of one-file.el projects with more people on it than ESS has
>> developers. Such a big project as ESS will end up with many more.
> Just to add my perspective: whenever I want to get involved with an open-source project these days, I basically (slightly subconsciously) *expect* it to be hosted on Git, preferably on GitHub.  If it's not, the barriers to entry are a lot higher, so I might just not bother getting involved at all.  It does make a big difference.
> I've noticed the same thing on the flip side, when people want to contribute to a project of mine (typically some Perl module, pretty similar in size to ESS), the first question they ask is whether I'd support moving to Git.  I always say yes, the process takes about 5 minutes, most of which is just filling out a form on GitHub describing the project.
> I appreciate the learning curve that the core folks would have to overcome, but there are some pretty big benefits to making the leap.
>> As an alternative, we can just try it out and fork ESS-SVN as an user account.
>> If successful in an year or two we can think of migrating ESS to git completely.
> It might not take that long to make a pretty convincing case.  The Git train is moving *really* fast these days.
>  -Ken
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