[ESS] Printing issue solved! Was: Emacs for former XEmacs users

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Fri Aug 24 22:53:49 CEST 2012

On 06/12/2012 09:57 AM, Rodney Sparapani wrote:
> Thank you Stephen (it only took me a year to circle back to
> this ;o). However, I can't seem to make this work. Here's my
> take on what the docs say that I should do:
> (define-key global-map [tool-bar print-buffer]
> '(menu-item "Print Buffer"
> ps-print-buffer-with-faces
> :image (image :type xpm :file "print.xpm")))
> However, that has no effect what-so-ever. So, here's my workaround...
> (defun print-buffer ()
> "Hacky way to over-ride default print method"
> (interactive)
> (ps-print-buffer-with-faces))
> Rodney

I finally figured out what was preventing me from building 24.1
--with-x-toolkit=gtk was the show-stopper.  Replacing that with
--with-x-toolkit=lucid does the trick.  But, 24.1 has no printer
icon at all.  You can easily make one to do the right thing...

(require 'ps-print)
(tool-bar-add-item-from-menu 'ps-print-buffer-with-faces "print" nil 
:label "Print" :vert-only t)

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