[ESS] no color on functions that are R built in like "lm" or "mean"

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 06:55:52 CEST 2012

I haven't thought about color-coding of kewords in Emacs/ESS in a long
time. A student pointed out something that seems different than I

Didn't Emacs with font lock have coloring for common R functions like
c, rep, and so forth?

Here are the colors I see now in Emacs ESS

1. A few functions are colorized.
The word "library" is in turquoise.  As far as I can tell, it is the
only function whose name is colorized.

1. all comments in red

3. The left hand side is blue when defining a function.. I mean, if I type

purble <- function(xy){

The word purple is purple and function is blue.

4. Strings--things in quotes, are purple.

I still have the awful/frustrating behavior that a comment like

## I'm frustrated this does not work

treats the part after the single quote as the beginning of a character
string and everything after the "'" turns purple, until another "'" is

But, I digress.

In th old days, weren't there standard colors for common R functions
like lm, rep, and others?

The students asked me to installl Notepad++ with NPPTOR on the lab
systems, along with some guy's "language coloring" syntax file.

But I remember the old days when the highlighting in Emacs/Ess was
more prolific. Am I just remembering it wrong?

My system is Debian with:

emacs                                        23.4+1-3
ess                                          12.04-4-1

and the .emacs file has

(global-font-lock-mode t) ; turn on syntax highlight

and a lot of other crap in it:  If I am not seeing the colors you do
see, then it probably means I've loaded some crap that breaks

(setq text-mode-hook (quote (turn-on-auto-fill text-mode-hook-identify)))


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