[ESS] How to avoid search for versions of R

Heinz Tuechler tuechler at gmx.at
Fri Apr 20 12:44:03 CEST 2012

Dear Vitalie,

thank you for your response. I cannot say for sure that it is slow, 
but I changed from emacs 21.3 to emacs 23.3 and at the same time from 
ess 5.3.3 to ess 12.04.
Together, it seems to me much slower than before.
In ess-r-d.el I read

Set this variable to nil to disable searching for other versions of R.
If you set this variable, you need to restart Emacs (and set this variable
before ess-site is loaded) for it to take effect.")

I thought that this should prevent the search, but don't know, if I 
should set ess-r-versions or ess-uniq-list or some other variable to 
nil. What I tried in .emacs did not have any effect.

You see that I have very little knowledge about emacs lisp and I 
would prefer, not to need more of it. So I will try your suggestion 
and report the result.

best regards,


At 20.04.2012 10:49 +0200, Vitalie Spinu wrote:

>Hi Heinz,
>But you didn't tell us what is your problem. Is it slow?
>Inferior-R-program-name should work anyhow.
>I don't see a switch-off for this functionality, but you can look for
>ess-site.el and comment the code which builds
>ess-rterm-version-paths. It starts with
>(ess-message "[ess-site:] before creating ess-versions-* ...")
> >>>> Heinz Tuechler <tuechler at gmx.at>
> >>>> on Fri, 20 Apr 2012 09:18:53 +0100 wrote:
>   > Dear All,
>   > after admittedly erratic search for an answer, may I finally 
> ask, how to avoid
>   > the search for R versions at start up of ESS 12.04.
>   > Until now I used ess 5.3.3 and with the line
>   > (setq inferior-R-program-name "d:/rw/bin/r.exe") in my .emacs 
> all worked well.
>   > Can I use ESS 12.04 without the search for R versions?
>   > best regards,
>   > Heinz
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