[ESS] Execute (ess-eval-buffer) when running emacs -batch

Bernd Weiss bernd.weiss at uni-koeln.de
Fri Apr 13 16:06:59 CEST 2012

On 13.04.2012 15:49, Rodney Sparapani wrote:


> Hi Bernd:
> Hmm...  I get...
> emacs -batch -l /opt/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/default.el --visit
> test.R --eval="(progn (require 'ess) (R) (ess-eval-buffer))"
> Loading tramp...
> Loading /home/rsparapa/.recentf...
> Cleaning up the recentf list...
> Cleaning up the recentf list...done (0 removed)
> Type C-h m for help on ESS version 12.04
> `ess-tracebug-prefix' is not defined, tracebug bindings are not active ...
> ess-tracebug mode enabled
> Wrong number of arguments: #[(vis) "ÁeÂ$‡" [vis ess-eval-region "Eval
> buffer"] 5 ("/opt/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/ess/ess-inf.elc" . 30810)
> "P"], 0
> Perhaps it is an ESS bug; but that is not really clear to me.

Thanks, Rodney, for giving it a try. I just tested it again and I am
seeing the same error (i.e. Emacs "hangs"). Please find below my current
ESS setup.

Since I am an emacs lisp novice, I am wondering if my approach is
correct here...



[ess-site.el]: ess-customize-alist=nil
[ess-site.el _2_]: ess-customize-alist=nil
(R): ess-r-versions-create making M-x defuns for

(R): ess-dialect=nil, buf=*scratch*, start-arg=nil
(inferior-ess 0): ess-start-args=--ess
ess-setq-vars-default 0: ess-language=Initial, -dialect=nil, buf=nil,
comint..echoes=nil, comint..sender=comint-simple-send
ess-setq-vars-default 1: ess-language=S, -dialect=R, buf=nil,
comint..echoes=nil, comint..sender=comint-simple-send
(inf-ess 1): lang=S, dialect=R, tmp-dialect=R, buf=*scratch*
(inf-ess 1.1): procname=R temp-dialect=R, buf-name=*R*
(inferior-ess) Method #3 start=C:\Windows\system32/ buf=*R*
(ess-setq-vars-LOCAL): language=S, dialect=R, buf=nil,
comint..echoes=nil, comint..sender=comint-simple-send
(inf-ess 2.1): ess-language=S, ess-dialect=R buf=*R*
(inf-ess 2.2): start args = --ess  , inf-ess-start-args=--ess
(inf-ess finish [S(R), Rterm(nil,nil)]
(ess-multi 0):  inf-ess-start-args=--ess  , comint-..echoes=nil
(i-ess 1): buf=*R*, lang=S, comint..echo=nil,
(i-ess 2): buf=*R*, lang=S, comint..echo=t,
(ess-setq-vars-LOCAL): language=S, dialect=R, buf=nil, comint..echoes=t,
(i-ess 3): curr-buf=*R*, comint..echo=t,
(ess-multi post inf-ess: start-args=--ess  , comint-echoes=t
(ess-multi 1):  start-args=--ess
Making Process...Buf *R*, Proc R, Prog Rterm
 Start File=nil, Args= --ess  .
(ess-multi 2): waiting for process to start (before hook)*ddeclient-p:
ess-loc-proc-name is 'R'*ddeclient-p: ess-loc-proc-name is
'R'(ess-setq-vars-LOCAL): language=S, dialect=R, buf=*ESS-errors*,
comint..echoes=nil, comint..sender=comint-simple-send
*ddeclient-p: ess-loc-proc-name is 'R'(ess-multi 2): waiting for process
after hook(R): inferior-ess-language-start=options(STERM='iESS',
str.dendrogram.last ="'", editor='gnuclient.exe')
*ddeclient-p: ess-loc-proc-name is 'R'(R): version (2.15.0)
*ddeclient-p: ess-loc-proc-name is 'R'resetting completion to
'ess-R-complete-object-name*ddeclient-p: ess-loc-proc-name is
'R'*ddeclient-p: ess-loc-proc-name is 'R'*ddeclient-p: ess-loc-proc-name
is 'R'

Emacs  : GNU Emacs 23.3.1 (i386-mingw-nt6.1.7601)
 of 2011-03-10 on 3249CTO
Package: ess-mode 12.04

current state:
 ess-language "S"
 ess-dialect "R"
 ess-ask-for-ess-directory nil
 ess-ask-about-transfile nil
 ess-directory nil
 ess-keep-dump-files "always"
 ess-source-directory "C:\\Users\\weiss\\AppData\\Local\\Temp"

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