[ESS] ess-jags-d alist

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Mon Apr 2 15:02:09 CEST 2012

Jack Tanner wrote:
> The manual says: "Model files with the .bug extension are edited in ESS[BUGS]
> mode if (require 'ess-bugs-d) was performed or edited in ESS[JAGS] mode if
> (require 'ess-jags-d)."
> In 5.14 and in 12.03, if I do ess-jags-d, .bug files are not associated with
> anything.

There was a semi-recent change...


Changes/New Features in 5.14:

     * ESS[BUGS/JAGS]: Batch BUGS is back! For recent OpenBUGS versions, 
3.0.8+, a batch BUGS script is once again available, but for Linux only. 
Therefore, since it seems that BUGS and JAGS must co-exist (rather than 
a transition from BUGS to JAGS), .bug files are now in ESS[BUGS] mode 
and .jag files are in ESS[JAGS] mode. ESS[BUGS] now works like ESS[JAGS] 
rather than the original mode ESS[BUGS] mode which was difficult to 
maintain. Although, ESS[BUGS] appears to work, there still may be some 
features missing as well as bugs.

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