[ESS] how to edit the exit anyway "yes or no" options

Main, Regan rmain at rand.org
Mon Nov 14 23:12:46 CET 2011


I use iESS daily.  When I close out (C-x C-c), I typically get a message that says:
	Active processes exist; kill them and exit anyway?  (yes or no)

However, if I have an unsaved file open, I get the message:
	Save file /mybox/c/.../myprog.sas? (y, n, !, ., q, C-r or C-h)

Occasionally when I am in a hurry or after a long session, I forget I made an edit to a file or didn't realize I had accidentally entered a keystroke in an open file that I do not wish to save.  I enter "C-x C-c" to close out and then immediately start to enter "yes" in anticipation of the "kill them and exit anyway?" prompt, but this ends up saving and closing the unintenionally edited file.  Often when this happens and I have saved and closed a file by accident, I do not even know which file I mistakenly saved and closed.    

My question is--can I substitute the "kill them and exit anyway?" responses to be "please or no", "si or no", or any other "yes" option that does not begin with a "y".  If so, how?  

Thank you,


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