[ESS] ess-help+.el

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Sat Nov 5 16:34:50 CET 2011

Vitalie Spinu wrote:
> I tested it with emacs and xemacs as much as I could and must admin
> making stuff work in xemacs is much harder:(. Is there still someone
> out there using Xemacs?
> In Xemacs some features are not fully supported. First, in the index
> listing there are no links and you will have to load the package
> before being able to navigate to the help page (in emacs the function
> associated with the link takes care of loading the package).  Second,
> 'ess-display-vignettes' in xemacs does call browseVignettes to display
> it in browser instead of displaying it directly in ess-help buffer. I
> just could not make the regexp work in xemacs (regexp-bulder appears
> to be broken xemacs).
> Waiting for your feedback,
> Vitalie.

There are lots of XEmacs users of ESS, but I'm guessing they are mostly
on UNIX; particularly Solaris which has pretty nicely packaged it with
their Studio compiler collection (except that it includes an ancient 
version of ESS).  Beyond that, there are quite a few Windows users which 
I don't really get because XEmacs has never strongly supported Windows; 
you never see it on OS X since there is very little Aqua support; and 
I've never seen much attention given to it on the Linux platform, but 
I'm not really in a position to know much about that.


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