[ESS] Finding Rterm in R 2.12.0 on Windows

Daniel Nordlund djnordlund at frontier.com
Sat Feb 12 02:52:19 CET 2011

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> On 02/11/11 12:53 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > I may will that, but like others in here, feel conflicted in
> > supporting Windows. It makes me mad, I would rather fix Linux or Mac
> > any day, but these poor unsuspecting students keep showing up with
> > their computers that have Windows.  My university has bent over
> > backwards to help the students buy the newest version of windows.  I
> > used to say "That OS sucks, you should give up" but they don't seem
> > to.  They just decide to avoid me.  Which is not entirely bad, but
> > mostly bad.
> >
> > pj
> Hi Paul:
> I guess I'm in the same boat; I give up!  I too have to support
> people with Windows.  However, I'm not going to recommend it any
> more.  Up until XP, I was pretty comfortable helping them.  But now,
> with Vista/7, I'm not going to be of much use since I mostly use WINE.
> I'm going to openly recommend Mac and Linux since you can dual-boot
> Windows if needed.  Also, besides WINE, there are commercial products
> like Parallels and Fusion.  There is no longer any excuse to run
> Windows exclusively.
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I just came across this site and thought it might be of some use/interest to readers of this thread.



Daniel Nordlund
Bothell, WA USA

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