[ESS] Finding Rterm in R 2.12.0 on Windows

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Fri Feb 4 20:35:16 CET 2011

On 02/ 3/11 06:11 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:

> The only big Vista/Win7 complication I see is that "VirtualStore"
> disaster. When I try to configure something in ESS or install an R
> package and I'm not acting as the administrator, then Windows tries to
> "fool me" by installing the app in a hidden part of the user  account,
> in a folder named like
> C:\Users\pauljohn\AppData\...\LocalSettings\VirtualStore\.  Then it
> creates an "illusion" that it did install into C:\Program Files\R by
> re-routing my user requests from the C:\Program Files area into that
> VirtualStore.  So after I log off, then other users come along and R
> packages or Emacs ESS config changes I made are not available to them.
> It really pissed me off when I spent an afternoon customizing Emacs
> and all the changes seemed to disappear when somebody else logged on.
> It seems willing to let you edit files in C:\Program Files\Gnu Emacs
> 23.2\site-lisp\site-start.d, but  the changes you make by hand get
> diverted into that hidden VirtualStore thing.  But, as long as you are
> aware of this shell game, you can run Emacs "as administrator" so it
> will actually make the changes you want in the Program Files
> hierarchy. Well, it is still a ghastly, horrible setup. But I'm warned
> about it now.

Hi Paul:

Yes, that's the nightmare that I have seen.  Thanks for
clearing that up.  Is there some way
to turn this off?  I remember we talked about this before.
I think one of the suggestions was to install R somewhere
else such as C:\R, but I haven't tried it yet.  I give up.
I'm officially dropping the Windows platform.  I'm going
to use WINE from here on out.


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